Fall Visiting Week 2017!

Fall Visiting Week at Studio 180 is go Monday November 13-Saturday November 18, 2017.  During this week, we invite parents, family and friends to come into class to check out their dancers in action!  It is a great opportunity for families and friends to see what their dancers are working on, to meet the teachers, and to ask any questions.  Teachers will review important information about our spring recital, upcoming holidays, and important dates.  Dancers will  also receive their costume worksheets with information about how to order their 2018 Recital costumes!  We hope you can make it!


If you are unable to attend your dancer's classes, please see the front desk immediately to pick up a copy of the costume worksheet for their class.  All costumes must be ordered by YOU by January 1, 2018, to ensure their arrival in time for our spring picture week. http://lotnoso.ru/4824.html


To check out all of the information that will be discussed during this week or if you are unable to attend, please click follow here to view the handout distributed during visiting week classes.  This handout includes a lot of great information about this dance year so we encourage you to read it!


For more information about our studio policies and expectations, please review our dancer's handbook, found on the website under "About" and "Dancers Handbook" or click here.