Скорость в Хабаровске A guide for successful dance auditions

September 25, 2015

For those that want to pursue a career in dance, go to a prestigious dance school, or make it onto your studio’s competition team going through an audition process is mandatory. Auditions can stress some people out, so it is important to know how to get through it to achieve your goals! Some helpful tips include fueling up with a proper breakfast, paying close attention to your appearance, and learning how to dance in a crowded space. Check out these go site 10 tips to successfully get you through that dance audition. Have any tips of your own? Share them with us!


How to dance through that growth spurt

August 17, 2015

Many young dancers understand the struggle of growth spurts (which occurs from ages 11 to 14 for girls and a little later for boys). It can be very difficult to control your body as it is going through these changes. During this time, the bones in the arms and legs grow asymmetrically to each other and also faster than the torso. Additionally, the upper spine grows faster than the lower spine, and muscles and ligaments don't grow as fast as bones causing them to become short and tight. This can lead a young dancer to lose flexibility, balance, endurance, stamina, and body awareness, along with weight gain and lower self-confidence. These changes are already tough for young people growing up but can be a bigger challenge for dancers. So, how do you get through it? Read on to find out more.


Why Dancers Should Meditate

July 20, 2015 

Dancers have to do so much to stay in dance shape. In between exercising, eating right, rehearsing, auditioning, and taking classes, they still have to somehow squeeze in working, a social life, and (if they’re lucky) some time to relax. It may seem hard to balance all those things at once, but adding one more activity can help you deal with the madness: take a few minutes a day to meditate. There are many benefits to meditating, some of which include decreasing anxiety, increasing energy levels, and boosting creativity. Not sure where to begin? Read on to get started!