Dance during Pregnancy

Monday, November 26th, 2012

If you’re thinking about trying to get pregnant, and your health care provides gives you approval, consider starting your exercise program now. If you exercise before pregnancy, you can keep exercising throughout pregnancy. However, if you don’t exercise before you get pregnant, it isn’t always advisable to begin once pregnant (although your health care provider’s recommendation is essential).

Dance is a great form of exercise! Some women are able to dance all the way through their 3rd trimester. Dance is particularly great as you can monitor your activity levels. Even if you are learning a grueling routine with lots of jumps and drops prior to  pregnancy, you can modify the choreography to work with what you are comfortable doing and what your body feels it can handle. And with the welcoming and laid-back atmosphere of the adult program at Studio 180, you can always take breaks and watch your classmates and instructor.

Many of the great benefits of dance translate to what your body needs during pregnancy. Dance will continue to strengthen your muscles and flexibility, which will help during labor. Also, dance can help you relieve stress by releasing endorphins while expressing yourself. And, finally, dance will allow you to continue moving and maintain your coordination and balance. Maybe you’ll even have a little dancer to join us at Studio 180!

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Tap into Your Wild Side

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Tap dance is simply fun – there’s no denying that! Tap can attract almost any audience, even those who claim that dance is boring (what are they thinking?!). So why not tap into your wild side in our tap classes at Studio 180 Dance?

We now have a beginner and an intermediate adult class along with all of our classes for your youngsters. So, let’s go over some great benefits of tap dance:

  1. Tap is fun. Being able to make music with your body is such a joy and brings you so much pride when you succeed with a new step.
  2. Tap doesn’t require a dance background, just a little rhythm and persistence. Even if you say you don’t have rhythm, rhythm can be taught!
  3. Tap gives you something to do underneath the desk at work. Once you start, you can’t ever stop!
  4. Tap is a workout – you will sweat and burn some major calories. A lot of tap can be grounded and flat footed, but much of it is also light and on your toes. The amount of strength in your core required for both styles is insane!
  5. Tap brings other people joy – just as music can make people smile, cry, laugh, etc. all dance can do the same. Tap, however, is unique in that it isn’t just dance causing emotion, but it is music as well.

We hope to see you in tap class soon! Check out our schedule by clicking here!