Studio 180 Dance Rocks the 2017 Edge Regional Awards, taking home highest honor

February 24-26, Studio 180's Dance Co competed at the Edge Competition Tour in Woodbridge, Virginia. Widely considered a professional state-of-the-art opportunity for dancers, Edge is a highly sought venue for dance competitors.

Studio 180's dancers scored extremely well, taking home various high-score awards and overall placements along with judges awards, title & photogenic awards. The large group jazz dance "River Deep" won the 12 & Under Entertainment Award and the small group acro dance "Gladiator" won the 13 & Over Technique Award. Amongst all of these impressive scores, Studio 180 was also given the most prestigious award of the competition awarded to the highest scoring dance in the future edge category, the 'Future Edge Award' for Studio 180's 8 & under small group musical theater dance: 'Don't Tell Mama'. Overall, the Studio 180 Dance Co. took home Грибы галлюциногенные цена 139 honors including:

  • 24 High Golds
  • 35 Platinums
  • 37 First in Category
  • 28 Overall Placements
  • 4 Overall Tap Placements
  • 12 & Under Entertainment Award
  • 13 & Over Technique Award
  • 1 Overall Award ("Future Edge Award")
  • Multiple Dancers Accepted to the Performance Team
  • 2 Judges Awards
  • Various title and photogenic awards


Congratulations to all dancers for such a spectacular event.

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Dancing. There isn't a single person who doesn't do it (yes, even those that say they don't). It's an innate human characteristic, deriving from not only the ability, but also the desire to move. Some people shy away from it, and others embrace it. Those who embrace it will tell you that it's the most exhilarating experience of their lives, and with good reason. Dancing has been proven to relieve stress, increase physical flexibility, mental fortitude, and muscular endurance. The best part is that it's what you can do almost anytime, anywhere, for your own enjoyment! Those of you who already dance might ask yourselves, "I already know all this, so why do I need to learn about it?" Well, you don't. Because it's supposed to be a reminder. A reminder to keep going when the going gets tough. When you're close to those last few moves and something in your brain tells you to give up, tell yourself that you were born to dance. Tell yourself it's human nature! Tell yourself to embrace your love for dance, and overcome that hardship. And for those who haven't started to dance, don't be afraid to start. You are about to enter a whole new side of yourself you never thought possible, and you will not regret it.

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